Can you bones become floppy from too much Chiropractic Adjustments?

Is it possible that you go to the chiropractor too often and they adjust you too much and then your bones get way too floppy and your head might fall off?

Obviously not, but that is a common question that people have. Is it possible that if you keep adjusting the spine that it goes from being not moving enough to then moving too much? It's a really good question and that's why we look at the body so specifically. So actually it's not possible with the techniques that we're using.

For a couple of reasons we'll only adjust your spine when it's not moving enough. All the techniques that we're using we're never taking the body past its limitation. Though you might think that when we do an adjustment, we're moving a bone. That's not the case you know. There's been scientific studies to show that we actually don't have enough force in our bodies to do that.

All we're doing is putting an impulse into the body and then the brain actually makes those corrections by itself. So it's not possible, you won't get floppy joints. Don't worry about it ;) But that is a reason that your chiropractor is being very specific and following the body. It is possible, if which we may have seen in other chiropractic offices around the world where the chiropractor is just doing something random, with really a lot of force and a lot of pressure.

If they're adjusting the wrong things then it's possible and that's what happens actually when people are you know cracking their own necks for example. They think they're doing a good thing but actually they are destabilising, because the things that are popping and going all over the place are the things or the vertebrae that are already moving too much so it is possible.

But because of the techniques that we're using in the practice it's not going to happen, so don't worry about it. Please feel free to talk to us more about it. So hopefully it was interesting for you. See you next time! Bye :)