Did you know we have a podcast?

Did you know that we actually have a podcast? So we do this regularly in the practice.

The idea came up as practice member wanted to learn more about their bodies, to learn more about chiropractic and to learn more about, what happens for other people, what are their stories. So there are main topics, for example the stories of the practice and the science, that is behind chiropractic. In some episodes we talked about the relationship between stress and health. We talked about a whole bunch of other stuff, like degeneration of the spine, an incredibly important topic.

We've also had other local healthcare professionals on the podcast to talk about their stories and what they do as well. So it's I wouldn't call it extremely professional, as we do it all in one take there's no editing but we just have fun along the way.

It's typically you know a guest and a chiropractor or two chiropractors just having a chat about health.

So take a look, have a listen and let us know how you like it. Cheers :)