Don’t let Chiropractic be the last option

G'day guys. So I've got a story today and it's of something that happened in the practice. It seems to happen a little bit too often for my liking. As it seems to be something that's quite common, because chiropractic is so new here in Germany.

A couple of weeks ago a girl came in, had headaches for about 10 years in her life. They were affecting her that badly to the point where on the weekends she couldn't actually go outside and do the stuff that she wanted to do. The thing that gets me is, it was pretty soon after starting chiropractic, she felt a lot better and was able to do the things in her life that really made her happy. What I would consider really living and so the travesty is that she didn't know about chiropractic, she didn't know that there was potentially a connection between her vertebrae, her nerve system and how she was feeling and not being able to do the things, that she wanted.

But that's just one example for some people it's a headache and for others it's a digestive system problem, it's a dizziness, a pain, a signal or symptom or whatever. I'm gonna just ask totally shamelessly, that if you know someone who you think could potentially benefit from chiropractic, put them in touch with us. You know we have a whole bunch of different things.

You could share the podcast, you could share some of the videos, that we have and we even have available some complimentary 15-minute examinations to meet people. Just for you to see if chiropractic could be that solution for them because way too often it seems to be that people sit in front of us, saying I've been to my physio, to the osteopath etc and then they're sitting in front of you, almost as the last hope.

Obviously we feel privileged to be able to help those people and it's still fine but I think it would be better if instead of waiting 10 years, you can come in earlier. Just a bit of a message there, a bit of a shameless asking for a referral there. Just let us know, if you know anyone.

We're happy to help and first of all the first step is to see if chiropractic could help them. Cheers!