How often should you visit your Chiropractor?

So how often should you be going to the chiropractor? That's a really important question, that people are asking themselves and one that I hear a lot in the practice.

Let's have a go at tackling that one. Well obviously it's different for different people. The key thing is that your chiropractor will be judging how often you should be coming in based on a very important criteria and that is how long you're holding your adjustments now. What does that mean? That means, that you have an old habit in your body, an old kind of setup and what we're doing is trying to remind your body of where it should be.

If you come in on one visit and we make some adjustments and at the end of that visit your chiropractor sees: wow that's actually fantastic, like you're really in a good setup right now. But then you come back in at your next visit and everything's gone back to the way it was, that means there was probably a little bit too much time between appointments. That your body's gone back to the old habit and hasn't held on to the new one. So what we want to do is help you and your body to spend more time in that good and new habit, because then what happens is your body starts to take it on by itself. It starts to actually learn and go: This is actually pretty good, I'm going to make this my new normal right.

That's the goal because then your body becomes even more self-sufficient, self-sustaining, self-healing self-coordinating and then over time we can actually make that distance between your appointments bigger and bigger until you get to the optimisation phase. It also depends on your goals.

You know if your goal is just to have your signal to feel better, then you know once that's better, you stop coming. But then the problem with that is, that often the body feels better before it stabilises right. Often the signal gets better before the body reaches stability. So if you're using only your own feeling, on how often you should be coming that's probably the wrong way to do it. As that signal is often the last thing to show up, the structure will have twisted back.

Sot that's a classic mistake, that someone feels great, has had an amazing change in their life and goes fantastic: I'm healed.
But then we end up seeing them about six months later, because the body wasn't stable and it wasn't ready to kind of go out on its own. That's why the approach we have is intense at the start states to stabilise, then to spread the visits out and get the body to regenerate over a period. A lot of people use chiropractic for their whole life as a maintenance, as part of their healthy lifestyle.

I, myself go to my chiropractor every week and I love it. I immediately feel better straight away even if I wasn't feeling bad beforehand, but here's the important thing I don't get adjusted every week. So my chiropractor will check my spine and they might go: Andrew today you're holding your adjustments brilliant, everything is fine. Or they might say: Today we're going to do your neck because that's the only one that's coming up or maybe today it's just your hips. So it might happen, that your chiropractor will say to you, that there's nothing to do today and that's actually what we want.

We want you to come on to the table for there to be nothing to do or very very little. Then with confidence we can say: Hey, let's spread those visits out now. Because your body is really starting to take on this new habit, which is really cool. And that's how you get people not just to feel better. Right feeling better is kind of easy, it's how you get people to actually be better over the long time. That's when lives are really changed and that's what makes us really excited.

So talk to us more about this in the practice. Until next time, see you. Cheers. :)