How to know how well you are improving

So how do you know, that you are improving with chiropractic care? This is often a question, that people ask us.

So hopefully you can recognise in yourself positive changes happening. There are a couple of things, that you might recognise yourself. If we talk just about the symptoms, or as we call them signals from the body, the frequency might change. For example instead of it happening once every two days, it might happen once a week. So that's a change of the frequency of the problem, why you came here.

Another way at looking at your improvement, can also be a change of intensity. Maybe when you had those signals coming from your body, they used to be 10/10, really frustrating and had a huge impact on your day to day life. But now maybe they are "only" a 5/10. That is another way you can notice improvement.

The most important thing about improvement is, that it takes time. It is a process and your body takes it own time to improve and succeed. If there has been a longer, a chronic problem it is going to take time for your body to regenerate and to get out of that old pattern.

Also something, that often people tend to forget, is the fact, that how you feel is only one part of the improvement cycle.
The best thing you can do is to talk your chiropractor.

As we use the Kiwi Chiropractic Technique, it is all about tracking and tracing your body. Every visit your chiropractor is comparing you to the last visit and feel free to ask them, what they notice.

The combination of listening to your body, being intune with your body and asking your chiropractor, what they notice, will get you to your best version.
I recommend to you, maybe to check out our podcast. As we talk for example about, how to get out of this stress cycle.

Hope you liked it and we will hear from each other next time. Cheers :)