How your body actually heals

Let's talk about how your body actually heals itself. Your health is never ever exactly the same it's either going up and getting better or it's going down and getting worse. That is determined by what you choose to do in your lifestyle.

So here's a couple of things to think about. You've got the negative impacts of things that are affecting you, which is all the stress in your life. What I mean by that is the physical stress from sitting all day or being in a car accident, the chemical stress from not eating the right foods or getting toxins into your body and then the emotional stresses from working under time pressure, not seeing the sun in a long time or not being able to go on holiday.

Best is to talk more with your chiropractor about those stresses to figure out, which ones really hit home for you. But you've got all those negative stresses and then you've got what you're doing to adapt and to grow from those stresses. Your body has to fight against them a little bit.

We like to use the word adaptation. That adaptation happens through your nerve system so your brain is talking to your body. It's telling you how to sit up straight, it's using the muscles to protect itself when you're sitting in the chair. Same thing happens when a virus comes into your body, your nerve system and your immune system are firing off. Coordinating, controlling the response process that's happening. That is extremely important and that's what we are working with in chiropractic. We ware improving your nerve system function.

As we see that as a long-term solution to accompany other elements of your health or to accompany other elements of a healthy lifestyle. So other elements could be moving properly, getting enough sleep, positive mental habits for example good nutrition. All of those things, as well as a high functioning nerve system, are the key elements to being able to adapt against all those stresses, that have been happening. If you have a higher, a more positive account there from the positive stuff you've been doing and it's less on the stress, if you're balanced like this you're going to be going up in trend over time. Time is then your friend.

So talk more with your chiropractor about that and have a think for yourself what you want to be doing within your healthy lifestyle. Think about also what stresses you can decrease over time in a healthy way, so that time becomes your friend and you end up getting healthier and healthier as time goes on.

Cheers guys and have a great one :)