The Kiwi Chiropractic Technique

All right so let's talk about the techniques that your chiropractor is using in the practice.

So we call it the Kiwi Chiropractic Technique, because it's really a combination of a whole bunch of different techniques. Before we get to the application of the technique one question that comes up is, how can these chiropractors know what they're feeling, when they're just kind of gliding their hand over the body.

It seems almost too simple but the key thing is to recognise it. Actually though it may take just a few seconds to put your hand over the body, there's a whole lot of stuff going on in the head of the chiropractor.

You're looking for about 10 different indicators at the same time. For example it could be how the muscles are balanced. It could be this very specific segmental muscles between each of the vertebras that all have specific meanings. Every time the chiropractor is trying to find what vertebras are the ones that are affecting your nerve system and stopping your clever body from really being all that it can. So you can see there's a lot of stuff going on there even though it looks pretty simple and every adjustment is different. You know, though it may look similar sometimes, every person is different and every sort of angle of adjustment and type of adjustment can be different.

One of the key things is that we want to always be very specific. We know the body's intelligent it doesn't need a whole lot of different inputs it needs the right input, at the right time, in the right place on a consistent basis. That's what your chiropractor is doing by also tracking and tracing the body from the first visit and every visit after that. To really look for what is the key code to your body. There's a lot of stuff going on and then there's a whole bunch of different applications of that, which is the technique. There are the classic techniques, where we use our hands and you might hear a popping noise. That pop is totally normal and that's just gas escaping from the joint. Those techniques that we use are different to the traditional techniques here in Germany, because we're doing it in a very controlled and specific way.

The whole philosophy behind that is to have a fast impulse but very gentle, so not a very deep impulse. That's what's scientifically proven to create the changes in the brain. We might say that this technique is maybe a bit more of a heavier technique and then there's a whole bunch of like middle techniques that we have. That's when you might have seen the table popping up and going down for example. Then there are a whole bunch of lighter techniques as well. So you know the the activator for example which is a small pulse machine.

Again we've got techniques to match every sort of person. You might have noticed that it's about figuring out the key to your body, you know what is right for you. That may change you know, maybe it's about starting with the more gentle techniques and then over time trying and experimenting things as the body opens up.

Everything that we do should be comfortable, so tell your chiropractor if you want to try a different technique or you're not happy with the ones that are being used at the moment. It's all an experiment doing a technique looking for the changes and then comparing that again.

At the next visit you can talk to us about this topic. Anyway i'll let you get back to your day. So have a good one! Cheers :)