Neurological Research Science Based Chiropractic Videos

Everything we do at Kiwi Chiropractic is based on the latest Neurological and Structural Scientific Research. Thank you to Dr. Heidi Haavik, world renowned Human Neurophysiologist and researcher for putting together the videos below on the science behind Modern, New Zealand Style Chiropractic. At the end of each video you will find a list of referenced scientific papers.

Much of the information contained in these videos is relatively unknown in Germany so feel free to share links with your family and friends.

Screenshot from video showing a hand that writes „It's really important to keep your spine working well“ next to a picture of a skeleton.

Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Visits


Learn what benefits you can gain by visiting your Chiropractor regularly

Screenshot from video showing a journal of chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic Improves Muscle Strength


Learn about how Chiropractic Adjustments can improve your muscle strength.

Screenshot from video „Are You Feeling Your Body Correctly?“

Are You Feeling Your Body Correctly?


Pain, Symptoms, Sickness and Diseases can build up in the body over a long period of time.

Understand the the differences between Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques

Our Chiropractic Techniques


Learn about the many different Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques

Babies go to the chiropractor colic crying sleeping problems

Babies and Chiropractic


Learn why Mothers take their baby for a Chiropractic Check Up

Chiropractic improves brain function

Chiropractic Changes Your Brain

Learn the positive affect Chiropractic has on your brain and why you feel better

Tips and Home Advice to support Chiropractic Care

At Kiwi Chiropractic we do our best to give you the resources you need to make better health choices and get the most out of your Chiropractic Journey. Below is a set of videos that we hope will start to answer some of the common questions you might have. This videos should be conversation starters, for a more personal answer make sure you talk to your Chiropractor to see how this information relates specifically to you.

What to do after your Adjustment


Here is a couple of tips to help support your Adjustments

Screenshot from video showing a Chiropractic Activator Adjustment Tool

The Kiwi Chiropractic Technique


Learn what Chiropractic Techniques we use at Kiwi

Can you bones be floppy from too many Adjustments?


Learn why what we do is safe for you and your family.

Understand the the differences between Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques

Spine Degeneration & What to do about it


One of the most important not talked about subjects

What do to at home to support your Adjustment


Here is a few tips to learn to reduce your stressors

What to do after your first Chiropractic Adjustment

What to expect after your first Adjustment

Learn what changes you can expect to feel after your first Adjustment