Beginners Guide to Chiropractic


Our Process


In your 1st visit we sit down with you and listen. Together we discover your health goals and how we can best help you reach them. Babies, Teens and Adults usually consult our office as a way to optimise their health or with a specific problem.


In the second half of your first visit we will examine your neuro-structural systems including balance, coordination, posture, neurological and spinal function. At Kiwi Chiro we look very specifically at how your body is functioning so we can find the cause of your problem.

Report & Care Plan

You are unique, that is why we tailor our approach to fit your specific situation. In your 2nd visit we will bring together the results of your examination and you can be given your first adjustment.

With most people we recommend a series of adjustment visits which are followed by re-examinations to measure your great results.

Andrew is a very good Chiropractor and provides great treatment. He is knowledgeable, Friendly and understanding. The practice is located right in the city center and is very much accessible. My personal experience has been wonderful and I would recommend him definitely.
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Venkatraman Ganesh
5 Sterne Bewertung

Andrew is an awesome chiropractor. He loves how he can uses his chiropractic knowledge and skills to help and improved his patients life. I have a physical disability. I was very lucky that Andrew help me better understand my body and It was very special when Andrew and I could see the physical improvement with my disability though his treatment (magic fingers) I highly recommend him.
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Nanar Tan

Andrew helped me a lot with my back and simply every body hardening I had (e.g. problems with my knees). His body adjustments makes me feel better, every time. Absolutely recommended.
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Dr Andrew has helped me so much. He cares about getting my body to heal better and that’s what I like about him. He is honest and real about what it will take for me to reach my goals. Thanks. 5 stars!!
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g vandyke

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How do I know if me and my family can benefit from New Zealand style Chiropractic?

To see what benefits you can receive from New Zealand style Chiropractic an initial consultation and examination is recommended. This will give us an honest view of how your body is functioning right now and an idea of where you want to go.

If you or your child has a problem with one of the natural processes or the natural balance of the body then New Zealand style Chiropractic will be perfect for you.

In a situation where no problem is found, or it is determined you could benefit from another type of health care provider, we will help you find a member of our local healthcare team.

Our goal is that you and your family have the right care that suits you.

What types of problems can Chiropractic help me with?

Here is a list of some of the common reasons people consult our office and seek New Zealand Style Chiropractic:


Regular after birth check up, poor sleeping rhythm, bloating, trouble breastfeeding, body tension, discomfort, head rotating more on one side, constant crying, colic.


Headaches, improving sports performance, tight muscles, poor posture, tension caused by school bags, allergies, social awkwardness, slow development, co-ordination problems.


Sports injuries, growing pains, hormonal imbalances, tension headaches, fatigue, irregular sleeping patterns, bodily aches and pain, burn out.


Lack of energy, stress, poor sleep, mental fatigue, decreased vitality, digestive issues, high blood pressure, pregnancy challenges, trouble walking, headaches, dizziness, muscle imbalences, tight shoulders and neck, joint pain, discomfort.

I don’t have any pain, can I still benefit from Chiropractic?

This may surprise you but 80% of our practice members use regular New Zealand Style Chiropractic Care as a way to maintain and optimise their health and wellness, not because they have a specific problem.

Structural issues in your spine can cause interference to your brains ability to naturally control and co-ordinate the body, this can affect you in ways you may not even realise.

Some of the effects that most people don’t relate to structural problems include:

Low energy, poor sleep (quality and/or quantity), difficulty concentrating, brain fog, mild shortness of breath, poor digestion, mild muscle weakness, hormonal imbalances, poor coordination and performance and even organ dysfunction

The only way to know if your spine is affecting your nerve system is to test for it and that’s exactly why we perform a comprehensive examination at your first visit.

What if I'm pregnant?

It is safe to receive chiropractic care during your pregnancy, it is also highly beneficial.

Many New Zealand mothers get their spine check and adjusted regularly during pregnancy and after giving birth. Maintaining pelvic balance is essential to promoting an effective natural birth.

Mothers also find that getting checked regularly while pregnant is a great way to relieve the added stress on your spine as the body changes.

Additionally to helping you feel better during pregnancy, getting checked regularly can also help control nausea and has even been linked to reducing the amount of time some women spend in labor.

What makes New Zealand Style Chiropractic Different?

Well, quite a lot…

We do serious, professional and high quality work but in an open, relaxed and people focused way.

We have found people chose us because we seek to get to the cause of a problem and not just fix the symptoms. People appreciate that we offer a pathway to a longer term solution, not just a quick fix of the surface symptoms.

We see you as a whole person and not just in parts. We understand that the body is clever and that we need to maximise that cleverness. We believe a natural approach heath care is a better idea.

We don’t do random… We look and track the patterns of your body in a very specific way, allowing us to always be working with your body and never against it.

We are experts in a wide range of Chiropractic techniques and are able to be flexible in matching what we do to each individual person in a safe, comfortable and effective way.


Andrew McCracken

Andrew McCracken

Born and raised in New Zealand when Andrew was 15 years old Chiropractic changed his life. It helped him regain his health that had suddenly disappeared and once again be an active, sporting and energetic young man.

Finn Schütte

Finn Schütte

Finn is proactive and passionate about what he does and having completed over 15 practicums at Chiropractic offices around Germany, we are delighted that Finn has chosen to apply his talents for helping people here at Kiwi Chiropractic.

Alisha Reinhardt

Alisha Reinhardt

Alisha is fascinated by the various ways to most effectively optimise the nervous system by chiropractic. After working in several places in nothern germany we're happy to have her in the practice.